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Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia, keeps talking about 'accelerated computing,' but what does he mean?

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Jensen Huang's Role: Now, you might wonder, who's this Jensen Huang guy, and why does he keep talking about accelerated computing? Well, Huang is the CEO of NVIDIA, the company that's leading the charge in making accelerated computing a reality. He's the mastermind behind turning GPUs into powerful tools for all kinds of computing tasks, not just gaming. Under his leadership, NVIDIA has developed technologies like CUDA, which lets programmers tap into the immense power of GPUs, and the NVIDIA Tesla GPU, which is like the superhero version of a regular GPU, built specifically for high-performance computing.

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang on Computing Trends

Transition to Accelerated Computing and Generative AI: Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang said the CPU-dominated computing era is ending and two new trends are rising simultaneously: Accelerated computing and generative AI.

Shift in Data Center Infrastructure: He believes each data center will transition from CPU-based infrastructure for general purpose computing to GPU-based accelerated computing to handle the heavy workload of generative AI capabilities for specific domains. He credits this shift to a “new way of doing software” that is deep learning.

The Significance of the Shift: “This is really one of the first major times in history a new computing model has been developed and created,” said the chipmaker’s CEO at the recent Computex conference in Taiwan.

Efficiency and Lower Costs Driving Technological Transitions: Huang contends that technology transitions occur due to efficiency and lower costs. For example, the PC revolution began in the 1980s that made computer affordable for people. Then smartphones came about that bundled a phone, camera, music player and computer in one device. It saved the user money and offered convenience and variety.

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Published: February 13, 2024

By: ashhost